Habitat Changes

Natural Changes

Occasionally waterways change their course and the new channel may or may not be as suitable for sturgeon as the previous channel.

Human Developments

In the past little consideration was given to the effects of developments on fish and their habitat. Fortunately this is changing and efforts are being made to minimize impacts of new and existing development.

  • Municipal and Industrial Water Use
    • Municipal and Industrial water use can impact sturgeon by changing the amount of water available, the water temperature and water quality.
  • Irrigation and Agriculture
    • Withdrawing irrigation water from creeks and rivers can reduce and degrade fish habitat. Agricultural practices can also degrade riverbanks and cause erosion. Erosion increases the amount of sediment in the water and can affect fish survival.
  • Hydroelectric Development and other Dams
    • Dams create barriers to upstream movement, can change flow patterns and can damage and destroy habitat, making it less suitable for sturgeon.
Sask River downstream of EB Campbell