Sturgeon Crossword

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Crossword Puzzle


1. To capture a fish previously caught and tagged.

4. A successful stocking _______ depends on the capture of spawning sturgeon, collection of eggs, rearing of fry and many other components.

5. This fin is used to age a sturgeon, much like tree rings are used to determine the age of a tree.

6. Addition of new fish to a population, usually through natural reproduction or stocking.

9. A water body which provides sturgeon habitat.

10. A substance collected from sturgeon swim bladders used historically to make glue and paint for tepees.

11. Appendages used by sturgeon to find food.

12. A province in which sturgeon occur.

13. These programs will increase the sturgeon population in the Saskatchewan River.

15. Tube like mouth used to suck food into the jaw.

18. The abbreviation for the Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Management Board.

20. The act of reproduction.


2. Possession limit for sturgeon sport fishing in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

3. Prehistoric, benthic dwelling fish.

4. Fossils from 100 million years ago indicate sturgeon date back to a ___________ age.

7. An effort made to restore lake sturgeon populations within the Saskatchewan River.

8. Organisms associated with the bottom of a water body.

10. A method used to hatch eggs under artificial conditions.

14. Released by females during spawning.

15. Bony plates which protect young sturgeon from predators.

16. In the early 1900s fishermen would _______ over 56,000 kg of sturgeon a year.

17. The river in which the SRSMB focus their recovery efforts.

19. An area where plants and animals live.